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Thomas Smith 1784 to ?

Thomas was born in Bermondsey, Southwark, Coventry and was a Carpenter all his life. He Married Alice who was born in Surrey, Lambeth in 1801.

If we look at the 1851 Census we find them living at Bermondsey, Southwark. Thomas is 67 years old, Alice is 50 and there children Thomas 21,

William 9 and Hannah 6 years old. But three daughters are not listed. According to the Baptism certificate we find Alice Baptised 28 June 1837,

She would have been around 19 years old, Also Sarah Ann Baptised 12 Oct 1834 and she would have been around 17 years old and then

Mary Baptised on the 28 June 1837 and she would have been around 14 years old. So in total Thomas and Alice had 6 children.

Thomas 21, Alice 19, Sarah Ann 17, Mary 14, William 9 and Hannah 6 years old at the time of the Census.

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Alice 1801 to ?

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Thomas Smith 1830 to ?

Thomas was the eldest son of Thomas and Alice Smith. And his siblings were Alice, Sarah Ann, Mary,William, and Hannah.

Thomas was born in Lambton. He was a Carpenter as was his father. He married Sarah Selina Gorden nee Paddon. Sarah was born in Surrey, Clapham.

She was Baptised on the 25 May 1834 at Holy Trinity, Clapham. She married her first husband John Gordon at Kennington, Surrey,

on the 18th February 1856. Both Thomas and Sarah were previously married, According to there Marriage certificate Dated 29 July 1866. Transcript. Both

of there partners must have died, as they where recorded as been, “Widower and Widow”. Sarah had a son from her previous marriage John David Gorden.

According to the 1861 Census they where staying at 2 Clandon Street, Lambeth. and were living together as Husband and Wife. They only got Married in 1866.

We find Thomas aged 31 a Carpenter, Sarah Selina 27, and her son John David Gorden aged 4, Which means John’s father, John Gordon died before his son was born !!

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Sarah Selina Gorden nee Paddon 1834 to ?

If we look at the 1841 Cersus we find Sarah’s parent’s living at Union Street, Clapham. Sarah’s father Joseph Paddon

an Artist Painter, According to Thomas and Sarah Selina’s Marriage certificate.

Joseph was born in Truro, Cornwall, on the 8th September 1792 to 1865, is 45 years old and is then a House Painter. Joseph was the son of William and Susannah Paddon.

His wife Amelia is 35 born 1806 to 1847 and there children Amilia 12, Hannah 9, Sarah Selina 7, John 5, Joseph 2 and Mary 6 months old.

In the 1851 Census they are living at 4 Carter cottages, Larkhall Lane, Clapham. We find Joseph 58 and now a widower, Amelia had died at the age of only 4.

Joseph 12, Mary Ann 10 and living with them is Benjamin 60, Joseph’s brother a Hatter Journeyman, Born in Devon, Plymouth.

No mention of John who would have been around 15 years old, Sarah Selina 17, Hannah 19 and Amilia around 22 year’s old.

Then in the 1861 Census, We find Joseph now 68, a Gardener or Greener ? Living alone at 7 Pentecost Cottages, Battersea.

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If we look at the 1871 Census, We find the Smith’s living at 8 Cork Street, Lambeth, We find Thomas now 41 a Carpenter and Sarah Selina 35,

John David Gorden 13 a Scholar, Thomas 8, Alice Sarah 4 and Hannah 2.

Then if we look at the 1881 Census and 1881 Census continued, They are now living at 2 Surrey Place, Lambeth. We now find Thomas 51 a Carpenter, Sarah Selina 46,

Thomas 17 a Waiter ?, Hannah 12 and for the first time we find William 9, Albert Edward 7 and Ada 4.

William, Albert, Alice Sarah and Hannah were all Baptised on the 7th January 1874.

You will notice that Alice who would have been around 14 is not there (She may have been staying elsewhere or perhaps died.) ??

If we look at the 1891 Census, We find them living at 47 Pritchards Road, Bethnal Green. We now find Thomas 61 a Carpenter Sarah Selina 56, Albert Edward 17

a Shop Boy and Ada 13. No mention of Thomas who by now would have been around 27, Hannah 22 and William now around 19, Who had by now, Probably

left for South Africa. There is also no mention of Joseph Herbert who was Baptised on the 30 Dec 1884. He would have been around 7 year’s old !!!

Bethnal Green around this time was one of the poorest slums in London and on the western end of Bethnal Green from 1888 to 1891

the infamous Jack the Ripper was committing his murders and one of his first murders could have been, Emma Elizabeth Smith

who was stabbed in Osborn Street, Whitechapel, Could she have been a relative ?

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William John Smith 12-May-1871 to 17-Jan-1950.

William John son of Thomas and Sarah Smith was Baptised on the 7th January 1874. He had a step brother John David Gorden, And Siblings Thomas, Alice Sarah, Hannah,

Albert Edward, Ada and Joseph Herbert. Born in Surrey, Camberwell, London. He was a Cockney ( One born within the sounds of the Bow Bells ). Escorted two ladies to South Africa

at the age of about 19 and stayed. Was a Cabby in London. Was a prop man on the stage in S.A. Where he met Margaret, Who was an Opera Singer and Actress.

William also played some small parts on the stage and had his thumb cut off in a Fencing Scene with a person who fancied Margaret as well. It was sown back on but it did not

work to well after that “He could not give the thumbs up sign “. They sung “The Pearly” a collection of old English songs like, Maybe it’s because i’m a Londoner,

The Lambeth walk, My old man’s a dustman, Knees up mother brown and If you knew Susie, to name a few. He also is said to have fought in the Jameson Raid in 1896.

He was a small man in stature and a heavy drinker. Had a bad temper and was always ready for a fight. He had big sons who jumped when he spoke. They had 12 children in all.

WilliamGeorgeMaggie , Herbert , DorethyThomas , HarrySelinaNormanEdward , Olive and Charles .

Margaret (Maggie) on the other hand was softly spoken very kind hearted and use to always give money and food to Hobo’s. William John Smith’s Death Notice.


Margaret Stewart 15-July-1872 to 11-Apr-1934.

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William Albert Smith 22-Sept-1891 to 13-Jan-1962.

William (Bill), the first born child of William and Margaret Smith.

William was a champion boxer. He Married Ruby and have Two Children William and Ivan.


Ruby Blackney 03-June-1892 to 26-Nov-1969.

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George Smith 25-Nov-1893 to 25-June-1965.

George, the second born child of William and Margaret Smith.

George nick named “Toby” was christened with Herbert and the names where mixed up, George should have been Herbert and vice-versa.

George Married Gladys and have Six Children Gladys , Iris , William , Alec , Bessie and Margaret .


Gladys Elizabeth Hoffmann 24-June-1898 to 10-May-1980.

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Maggie Smith 26-Sept-1895 to 26-Dec-1895.

Maggie, the third born child of William and Margaret Smith.

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Herbert Victor Smith 10-May-1897 to 15-Nov-1969.

Herbert, the forth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Herbert and George where christened together and the names where mixed up, So George should have been Herbert and vice-versa.

Herbert Married Violet and have Five Children DaphneHerbert , Jimmy , Vernon and Venetia.

My Grandfather lived in a house in Henly-on-Klip, Which was built over many a weekend with the help of his sons. He was a keen gardener and had beautiful gardens.

The name of his home was Roseneathe. Pic of Edward “Ted”, Harry, Herbert and Norman. Pic1 and Pic2.


Violet Rowe 12-Aug-1894 to 18-Jan-1925.

Herbert Married Elizabeth and have a Child Valerie.


Elizabeth Pringle 02-Feb-1929 to ??-??-19??.

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Dorethy Smith 23-Mar-1900 to 02-Sept-1900.

Dorethy, the fifth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

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Thomas Stewart Smith 02-Aug-1901 to 11-May-1959.

Thomas (Tommy), the sixth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Thomas Married Petronella (Nellie) on the 03-June-1925 and have Two Children Jean and James.


Petronella Johanna Rowles 10-Oct-1903 to 21-July-1969.

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Harry Smith 15-Sept-1905 to 20-Dec-1973.

Harry, the seventh born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Harry Married Eileen on the 04-Aug-1930 and have Four Children June , Ruth , Grace and Shirley.


Eileen Rowe 04-July-1910 to 09-Apr-1997.

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Selina Violet Smith 18-Feb-1907 to 01-Nov-1970.

Selina, the eighth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Selina Married Jack on the 02-Feb-1929 and have Two Children Yvonne and Jack.


Jack Gatley ??-??-19?? to 08-June-1935.

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Norman Jeffery Smith 24-Nov-1909 to 05-Oct-1985.

Norman, the ninth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Norman Married Doris on the 03-Mar-1943 and had no Children.


Doris Griffiths 14-Mar-1907 to 31-July-1968.

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Edward Benjamin Smith 15-May-1912 to 06-June-1990.

Edward, the tenth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Edward (Ted) Married Irene on the 14-Jan-1939 and have Three Children Edward , Ann and Ronald.


Irene Neser 16-Jan-1914 to ?.

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Olive Gwendoline Smith ??-Feb-1916 to ??-??-19??.

Olive, the eleventh born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Olive Married Percy on the 19-Dec-1942 and have a Child Gwen.


Percy John Mills Dunstan 25-July-1908 to ?.

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Charles Eric Smith 18-July-1919 to 09-Nov-1969.

Charles, the twelfth born child of William and Margaret Smith.

Charles Married Enid on the 10-Feb-1945 and a Child Wendy.

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Enid Maud Holloway 14-Feb-1915 to ?.

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William Theo Edward Smith 04-Oct-1914 to 01-Feb-1981.

William, the first born child of William and Ruby Smith.

William Married Myrtle on the 26-June-1936 and have Three Children Denise , Hillary and Lorraine.


Myrtle Grace Duffield 12-Sept-1916 to 02-July-1990.

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Ivan Jack Albert Smith 02-Apr-1916 to 22-Apr-1991.

Ivan, the second born child of William and Ruby Smith.

Ivan Married Joyce on the 03-Apr-1941 and have Two Children Rodney and Noreen.


Joyce Stanton 25-Aug-1917 to ?.

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Gladys Doreen Smith 04-Aug-1921 to ?.

Gladys, the first born child of George and Gladys Smith.

Doreen Married Henry on the 29-Apr-1939 and have Two Children Glenyth and Gaylyn .

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Henry William Bayes ??-??-19?? to 10-June-1953.

Doreen Married Lawrence on the 30-Dec-1960.

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Lawrence Arthur Angelo 23-Oct-1915 to ?.

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Iris Elizabeth Smith 10-Sept-1922 to 02-Sept-1923.

Iris, the second born child of George and Gladys Smith.

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William Charles Smith 29-July-1927 to 14-Mar-1974.

William, the third born child of George and Gladys Smith.

William Married Susan on the 30-June-1951 and have Three Children Wendy , Linda and Belinda .


Susan Hester Van Der Walt

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Alec Lynthwaite Smith 04-Sept-1931 to ?.

Alec, the forth born child of George and Gladys Smith.

Alec Married Valerie on the 15-Feb-1958 and have Three Children Avril , Stephan and Merryl .

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Valerie Kruger

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Bessie Elizabeth Smith 28-Dec-1934 to ?.

Bessie, the fifth born child of George and Gladys Smith.

Bessie Married Douglas on the 29-Oct-1960 and have Two Children Michael and Pamela .

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Douglas Arthur Snashall 08-Jan-1931 to ?.

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Margaret Stewart Smith 10-Sept-1939 to ?.

Margaret, the sixth born child of George and Gladys Smith.

Mergaret Married Fred on the 10-Sept-1960 and have Two Children Chester and Desiree .

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Fred Miles 02-Mar-1935 to ?.

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Daphne Smith 20-May-1918 to 30-Oct-1998.

Daphne, the first born child of Herbert and Violet Smith.

Born at 96a Earp Street, Opherton, J.H.B. Baptized on the 28-July-1918 at the All Saints Church Booysens J.H.B. God Parents George Smith and Bessie Kent.

Daphne Married Stephen on the 10-Apr-1937 Pic1 Pic2 and have Six Children AileenDenise , DerykRoy , Reginald and Roger .

Daphine died of Cancer at 31 Yonkershoek Street, The Hill, Johannesburg.


Stephen Ferguson 28-Apr-1917 to 28-June-1972.

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Herbert William Smith 24-Sept-1920 to 08-July-2012

Herbert, the second born child of Herbert and Violet Smith.

Herbert Married Sheila and have Three Children BrucePrudence and Beryl .


Sheila Joan Brown 02-Dec-1923 to 08-May-1965.

Sheila died of cancer.

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Jimmy Smith 2-Nov-1922 to 26-Nov-1925.

Jimmy, the third born child of Herbert and Violet Smith.

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Vernon Thomas Smith 08-Dec-1924 to 09-June-2009.

Vernon, the forth born child of Herbert and Violet Smith.


In memory of Vernon Smith

Vernon Twin of Venetia, Married Anna on the 01-Nov-1947 and have Three Children Richard , Allison and Venetia .

50th Wedding Anniversary Pic of Family.


Anna Catharina Elizabeth Botha 04-Oct-1927 to ?.

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Venetia Smith 08-Dec-1924 to 06-Feb-1925.

Venetia, the sixth born child of Herbert and Violet Smith.

Venetia Twin of Vernon.

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Valerie Smith 21-Sept-1931 to 06-Oct-1985.

Valerie, the first born child of Herbert and Elizabeth Smith.

Valerie Married Ronald on the 19-Sept-1953 and have a Child Clive .


Ronald Cooke 19-Nov-1929 to ?.

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Jean Stewart Smith 09-Mar-1926 to ?.

Jean, the first born child of Thomas and Petronella Smith.

Jean Married Kenneth on the 29-May-1948 and have Four Children Kenneth , Ingrid ,Gillian and Hillary .


Kenneth Steffen De Kok 22-July-1920 to 18-Apr-1986.

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James Lawrence Smith 18-Oct-1927 to 24-Oct-1964.

James, the second born child of Thomas and Petronella Smith.

James Married Pearl on the 05-Aug-1950 and have Four Children Stephanie , Peter , Colin and Karen .

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Pearl Rosemarie Jewell 31-Oct-1932 to ?.

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June Margaret Smith 07-June-1932 to 26-Feb-1986.

June, the first born child of Harry ans Eileen Smith.

June married Bill and they later divorced


Billy Ackerman

June Married Paul 0n the 25-Oct-1958 and have Two Children Marcelle and Janine .


Paul Gerber 26-July-1931 to ?.

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Ruth Barbara Smith 30-July-1939 to 31-July-2016

Ruth, the second born child of Harry and Eileen Smith.

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Grace Jean Smith 24-Aug-1942 to ?.

Grace, the third born child of Harry and Eileen Smith.

Grace Married Christie on the 20-Sept-1964 and have Two Children Constantine and Christpher .


Christie Comodikes 06-Aug-1931 to 02-Aug-2014

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Shirley Diane Smith 15-June-1949 to ?.

Shirley, the forth born child of Harry and Eileen Smith.

Shirley Married Andrew on the 12-Sept-1970 and have Three Children  MichaelBradley and Clinton.


Andrew Michael Bruigom 22-Sept-1934 to ?.

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Yvonne Gatley 21-Oct-1929 to 13-Oct-2002

Yvonne, the first born child of Jack and Selina Gatley.

Yvonne Married Alfred on the 31-Mar-1951 and have Two Children Marilyn and Gary .


Alfred Frederick Webster 03-11-1927 to 01-Sept-1999.

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Jack Gatley 31-Mar-1933 to ?.

Jack, the second born child of Jack and Selina Gatley.

Jack Married Mona on the 11-Sept-1954 and have Two Children Alan and Ingrid .


Mona Elizabeth Johnson

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Edward Richard Smith 01-Sept-1940 to ?.

Edward, the first born child of Edward and Irene Smith.

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Allison Brittain

Richard Married Sandra on the 07-Mar-1969 and have Two Children Gordon and Paul .

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Sandra Fran Rivers-Smith 20-Jan-1944 to ?.

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Ann Elizabeth Smith 16-July-1943 to ?.

Ann, the second born child of Edward and Irene Smith.

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Victor Seabrook

Ann Married Christopher on the 14-Mar-1974 and have Two Children Stuart and Struan .

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Christopher John Cambell 26-June-1949 to ?.

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Ronald John Smith 31-Oct-1955 to ?.

Ronald, the third born child of Edward and Irene Smith.

Ronald Married Nadine on the 14-Feb-1981.


Nadine Meyer 05-Feb-1959 to ?.

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Gwen Mills Dunstan 07-Nov-1943 to ?.

Gwen, the only Daughter of Percy and Olive Dunstan.

Gwen Married Mariano on the 06-Sept-1969.

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Mariano Castedo.

Gwen Married Tom on the 14-Nov-1984.


Tom Wallace 11-May-1944 to ?.

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Wendy Patricia Smith 12-Feb-1946 to ?.

Wendy, the only Daughter of Charles and Enid Smith.

Wendy Married John and have Three Children MandyPaulKim .

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John James Lavis.

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